Today, efficiency matters more than ever, due to challenges facing all construction projects – lack of materials, lack of labour, COVID, climate change and so on – are huge, and virtually all require businesses to do more with less.

At LC International, we help world-leading businesses do exactly that – accelerating performance, eliminating waste, enhancing sustainability and nurturing more cohesive, higher-performing teams.

How have we done that? By working collaboratively with your teams and our specialists to analyse every aspect of a project, then implement changes that have a transformational impact.

And by delivering market-leading training programmes, online, in person or via a mixture of the two, that turn every member of your team into an improvement advocate, able to identify inefficiencies and quickly take action to remedy them.

Our impacts on past projects have included…

  • Increasing Planned Percentage Complete by 53%
  • Cutting project time by 11 weeks
  • Achieving 250% increase in productivity
  • 24% reduction in snags

And these successes aren’t just limited to a particular sector, either. The principles of improvement are universal, and we’ve helped bring about drastic change in projects involving datacentres, infrastructure, rail, residential, commercial, refurbishment and MMC.

Our expertise is also becoming widely recognised throughout construction and related sectors. We’ve recently contributed to the Design for Manufacture & Assembly Overlay to the RIBA Plan of work, for example.