Total Business and Project Improvement

From defining what great looks like, and identifying your current business needs, we can deploy the improvement activities to help close the gaps. We are here to empower and educate your team in the principles of Lean Construction, encouraging everyone to seek out opportunities for improvement both now and in the future.

Through a combination of specialist support, world-class training and coaching, we aim to drive improvement in every area of the programme to an exceptional standard. Our 6 main areas of impact are as follows:

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Helping you to achieve your goals and deliver products on time. Building certainty and driving betterment in the business, at programme level and at project level.

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Reducing lead times, congestion, and delays. Identifying how to achieve more, eliminate waste and cut unnecessary costs.

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Raising the productivity bar to accelerate performance and drive profitability. Streamlining and enhancing all your processes to ensure targets are met as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Implementing best practices at every stage of your project and supply chain. Strategically targeting quality improvement at every level of the organisation to help build a performance-led culture dedicated to providing your customers with quality results.

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Implementing a right-first-time skillset and mindset across the project and supply chain to reduce risks. Streamlining and simplifying processes will have a positive impact on safety.

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Raising process efficiency and eliminating waste, at all stages of your end-to-end processes, will drive sustainability goals and reduce carbon.

Let's Work Together

BBI Services are dedicated to helping your business run as efficiently and effectively as possible. We’ll identify your unique needs, then we’ll work collaboratively with you to implement a strategy for perpetual improvement. Let’s equip your workforce with the skillset, the toolset, and the mindset to succeed.

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