The Background:

As an emerging business, with their sales targeting new industries, the e-Track Leadership team found the ISO 9001:2015 certification becoming an increasingly common tendering prerequisite, and deemed the path to certification a necessary next step for business expansion.

Where established businesses often require remoulding to produce and maintain an ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System (QMS), e-Track had the opportunity to build, A risk-based business management model designed from the foundation to improve the control systems, processes, products and services.

The Challenge:

Work as an embedded solutions driver, developing an ISO 9001:2015 robust QMS to act as the framework for all business processes, quality control checks, and overall continuous improvement.

The Solution:

  • An online planning tool was deployed which allowed for remote collaboration in workshops, quality training sessions and regular QMS meetings.
  • A series of risk identification assessments and solution development workshops were attended by the key personnel and improvement projects were implemented to target the key risks.
  • A detailed end-to-end process map was developed to focus the development and documentation and its control.

This was split into key processes which acted as distinct stages of the systems development to minimise disruption to daily business operations.

The Results

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    External ISO Assessment & Certification: Increased tendering power and market share, fulfilling additional sales goals, committing to increased quality and establishment as an internationally capable business.

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    Proactive and Focused Quality Improvements: Risk-based thinking, identification and assessment workshops were conducted and reviewed regularly, which led to the identification of key potential business risks.

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    Risk Reduction: The Business Risk and Opportunities Register were reduced by 81% with further ongoing internal mitigations.

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    Increased efficiency and fewer mistakes: The implementation of easy-to-use project and work management platforms, reduced lead times from 10-12 weeks to a manageable 4-8 Developed methodical systems tests reduced in-process defects by 52%.

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    A more motivated and efficient internal team: A robust QMS and regular knowledgeable transfers improved internal competency and awareness, empowered process ownership, and encouraged employee engagement by creating a supportive culture which engenders enthusiasm.

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    Role definition and expectations: The team development of business quality objectives, and establishing a method of measuring and regularly reporting against these aided the refinement of individual roles, responsibilities and KPIs.

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