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Our entire team holds the same belief, a belief that the construction industry can be better, work smarter, and waste less. We have accumulated decades of experience using Lean Principles to have a positive impact in the built environment. We understand the industry’s challenges, and we know that what we do drives positive change into the heart of businesses.

Our team combines a variety of skillsets and specialisms with professional training, facilitation, coaching and consultancy. Whatever we do, we utilise Lean methodologies and principles that have transformed the productivity and efficiency of other industries.

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Our Purpose

We aim to help organisations in the built environment achieve organisational excellence through Lean thinking, exceptional leadership and by empowering people.


Whether we need to influence behaviours, create new ways-of-working, or develop skills and capabilities, we work with you and your teams to make it happen. We aim to engage at all levels of an organisation, helping to create a collaborative culture where everyone feels valued.

We get involved. We are not consultants doing a review at arm’s length and then producing a report to tell you what the problem is. We work alongside you, in partnership, to identify the issues, develop the solutions and deliver results. We coach you through the process and make sure the necessary changes happen.

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Without the right leadership behaviours, sustainable transformation becomes an insurmountable challenge. We help leaders to build and inspire high-performing, thriving teams. Equipping leaders with a working knowledge of the Lean Principles, and enhancing their skills in collaboration and engagement, we can set the project on the path to success.

Ultimately, we are here to coach and develop the kind of leaders the construction industry needs. Confident, knowledgeable, driven people who are continuously delivering meaningful improvement across their projects and businesses.


Companies with a clear vision and clear strategies are significantly more likely to be more successful. Our goal is to ensure everybody in the organisation aligns and feels they can contribute to the business strategies, which are laser-focused on delivering to target.

We will help you ensure that your strategy flows throughout your organisation to engage the entire team. It’s critical to ensure your strategy is meaningful and bought into by your people. Once everyone understands the crucial role they play, they’ll feel empowered to contribute towards successful project delivery and business improvement.

“The concept of Lean is a management culture which is striving for continuous improvement. BBI Services made a real difference to this critical strand of works and enabled programme mitigation measures, associated with these works.”

Richard Thorpe | Mace, Director

Let's Work Together

BBI Services are dedicated to helping your business run as efficiently and effectively as possible. We’ll identify your unique needs, then we’ll work collaboratively with you to implement a strategy for perpetual improvement. Let’s equip your workforce with the skillset, the toolset, and the mindset to succeed.

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