The Background

BBI Services were engaged to work on the first of multiple data centres outside of the UK.

Our engagement was focused on supporting the project team to exceed customer expectations.

Setting the goal of improving project control and communication facilities, whilst increasing productivity and reducing programme durations.  

The centres were designed to be packed full of cutting-edge technology, making them some of the most advanced, efficient and sustainable data centres in the world.

The first centre is powered by 100% renewable energy, making good use of the countries abundant wind resources.

The Challenge

The target was not only to deliver the current data centres on time, but also to make significant improvements in lead times throughout the design, construction and commissioning phases for the next build.

There was also a focus on capturing and transferring best practice solutions to the implement into the other sister projects across Europe.

The Solution

Over a 14 month period we facilitated a range of activities with different teams across the project including:

  • Conducting a number of work studies to analyse processes affecting the critical path.
  • Deploying lean tools and problem solving techniques to reduce the actual time taken driving certainty and ultimately beating achieve the original delivery targets. The improvement solutions deployed included the following:
  • Exposing opportunities for modular solutions that improve safety and boost productivity and quality.
  • Improving coordination and visual control of supplier deliveries and site logistics.
  • Running a structured series of trials to redesign part of the fit out process, in order to reduce the safety risk from working at height and also the time taken.
  • Leading improvement workshops to challenge the team to further reduce the construction lead-times for future data centres.
  • Delivering lean tool training modules, to upskill selected personnel to ensure future improvement work is internally supported.

The Results

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    Percentage planned complete (PPC) results increased from 50% to 78%. The team further targeted to raise this to over 80% which was later met.

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    The programme resulted in being 15% shorter than originally planned. All trades worked together to develop an improved construction solution and committing to the new target programme.

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    The team identified the potential to further reduce the programme by another 12%.

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