Now more than ever, the construction industry faces flatlining productivity, skills shortages, and an abundance of quality issues. These challenges can be tackled by utilising best practice examples, reflecting upon your experiences, and collectively shaping the way forward to an industrialised sector.

In response, we have developed a Construction to Production Masterclass in partnership with Toyota Deeside Engine Plant that is delivered across both one and two-day workshops.

Toyota’s Engine Plant in North Wales provides a best-practice example of a modular production facility. So, during the programme, you will experience an insight into the DNA of the Toyota Production System and understand the transition required for a ‘Construction to Production’ mindset. Our sector specialists deliver a workshop to identify how we can tailor your experience to meet the challenges in the built environment.

Andy Alder’s 7 lessons civil engineers can learn from Toyota’s Manufacturing Process


Marc Roberts comments:
“It’s no secret that Toyota has the best production system in the world. This was certainly true when I was first exposed to TPS as a young engineer designing production lines across their Tier 1 supply chain, and it was true 10 years later when I introduced teams of Steel Makers, to learn first-hand how the principles of TPS can greatly benefit them.

“Today, over 25 years since I was first exposed to the power of TPS, they still have the best production system in the world in my opinion. In the quest to transition construction to a highly productive production environment, there is no better place to take senior leaders, across the construction sector, to see first-hand the simplicity of the Toyota way and understand how we can apply the core principles to deliver a step change improvement across the construction sector. All together learning from the best, blending with sector experience and forging a better way for construction.”

We are excited to be facilitating several one and two-day sessions throughout the year, bringing together senior teams of leading organisations. For more information about a masterclass, please contact our team.

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Aims of the one-day workshop

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    Understand and see the Toyota culture and way of working – “Toyota Production System (TPS)”

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    Understand the transition required for a “Construction to Production” mindset

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    Inspire the attendees to deploy the practical tools and techniques of TPS within their organisations

Aims of the two-day workshop

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    The two-day offering provides a deeper learning experience, helping attendees to visualise the leadership requirements for successful adoption and formulate a prioritised improvement plan for their areas of responsibility. This extended offering has been developed in response to the excellent feedback from previous masterclasses.

Target Audience

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    Key decision makers able to influence the culture and business strategy within their organisations

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“Great to see a different industry in action. Lots to learn from”

“The whole day was excellent. Really good balance of theory and seeing practical application.”

“Seeing & hearing directly from an exceptional team on the continuous drive to quality improvement”

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