The Productive Series is our bespoke approach that transforms the performance of end-to-end project delivery operations. Integrated at every stage of the project life cycle, the programme promotes substantial benefits, boosting the overall delivery system in the steps towards an industrialised and sustainable sector. Our Productive Series focuses on transforming:

The engagement of teams to successfully adopt the Productive Series programme is underpinned and driven by Productive Leaders.

Productive Leader Programme

Our Productive Leader programme empowers senior leaders within the construction industry to improve their skills, strategies and behaviours required to drive personal, team and organisational performance.

Senior leaders are responsible for driving strategies and embedding behaviours to lead their teams more efficiently and effectively. Fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement will result in profitable growth.

Ultimately, the Productive Series equips construction organisations to confront pressing challenges and seize opportunities to successfully drive productivity, improve quality, and enhance environmental sustainability.

The Productive Series combines four key areas

The Productive Design Programme

  • Building design for safety manufacture & assembly and target value design opportunities
  • Design process streamlining & simplification: optimised collaborative pull planning & programme management
  • Integrated procurement
  • Visual performance management & control

The Productive Off-Site Programme

  • On-site & off-site strategic analysis
  • Process & industrialisation approach
  • Standardised parts & consolidation centres
  • Visual performance management & control

The Productive Logistics Programme

  • Load sequencing & just-in-time delivery
  • Optimised on-site utilisation to point of use
  • Visual performance management & control
  • Third party logistics strategies

The Productive Site Programme

  • Optimised delivery
  • Construction process streamlining & simplification
  • Advanced quality management
  • Visual performance management, controls & routines

The results

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Optimised programmes
  • Increased right first time
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Profitable growth

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