The Background

Ergonom are an organisation specialising in high quality kitchens, wardrobes and office furniture who recruited BBI Services to aid a range of improvements throughout all operations of the business.

With an annual turnover of circa £40m, a head office in central London and 7 warehouses in various locations in the South East, Ergonom were looking to accelerate their  performance and drive betterment.

The Challenge

Working with all levels and across all departments of the organisation, it was our intention to assist the Ergonom team in defining and deploying a Lean future state solution, that improved lead times, efficiencies, effectiveness, collaboration and control.

Physical layout improvements to optimise the warehouses were required, along with the full deployment of the best fit Warehouse Management System (WMS) being put into practice.

The Solution

  • We worked with the team to develop physical improvements to increase capacity and reduce non-value adding wasteful activities.
  • We guided the team and helped deploy the best fit Warehouse Management System, improving stock accuracy and visibility whilst eliminating much of the administrative burden.
  • A gated project control process was rapidly developed and deployed to improve collaborative working and assurance across the end to end order fulfilment process. This provided improved clarity of what each team was working on, along with exposing any pain points that could lead to potential time delays and\or increased costs.

Some feedback from the team: 

“Together we have been able to achieve amazing results and have a roadmap of further improvements to continue along our journey towards excellence.”

“The team at BBI Services have been instrumental in helping us achieve accelerated improvements. They have been great in working across my teams at all levels with a pragmatic and hands-on approach, engaging the team to seek and embrace new and improved ways of working.”

Bob Askew, Managing Director

The Results

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    119% Warehouse Capacity Improvement through redesigned and optimised layouts.

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    Reduced put away and picking times - reduced from 2-3 hours down to just several minutes.

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    Elimination of manual stock list creation and significant reduction in booking in and despatch time saving circa 60 hrs per week.

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    Clear status of a project, quick and easy to drill down to problem areas.

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    Full audit trail of dates items delivered to site and when fit out tasks completed.

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    Improved ability to proactively avoid potential disputes.

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    Reduces reliance on EXCEL spreadsheets which lead to less errors.

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