What’s involved?

With our help, we ensure a seamless and integrated link between long-term goals and detailed short-term planning within a performance hub approach. We will work with your teams to reduce risks and explore opportunities which will drive betterment and certainty. Some key activities we will undertake are:

  • Process improvements and optimised sequencing and flow of activities
  • Visual performance hubs, broken down in daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly detail
  • Developing a healthy and constructive team dynamic, with people challenging and collaborating, asking the right questions, and having better quality conversations
  • Behavioural coaching and skills training to sustain high performances across your organisation
  • Deployment of appropriate best-fit digital collaboration coordination and control processes

Collaborative Planning and Performance Management

Working collaboratively with your teams to break down activities into appropriate time frames and to drive productivity opportunities. We integrate master scheduling, detailed daily activities and complete a Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle, identifying the real blockers and future needs. That’s why we help you to create a:

  • Master Schedule – displaying the entire timeline of the project
  • 6-12 week look-ahead – previewing upcoming deadlines and milestones
  • Weekly work plans – breaking workload down into manageable chunks
  • Daily Activity Briefings (DABs) – ensuring everyone is on the same page on any given day

Full project transparency enables you to make timely, informed decisions on how to best achieve your goals.

The 4 As® Approach

Every project we undertake, we follow the same approach:

  • Assess – Identify where we are now and where we need to be.
  • Align – Coordinate the entire team’s thoughts, decisions and actions. Ensure that everything that happens contributes towards achieving the end goal.
  • Amplify – Modify workplace behaviour so that the right actions are performed instinctively.
  • Accelerate – Multiply this effect, generating improvement activities across the organisation.

The Project Control Room

The power of visual management is huge, and we utilise this within a digital and physical control room. By building team collaboration around real data and breakdowns, we can identify the priority issues and develop robust countermeasures to combat them.

The objective is that anyone will be able to understand the current situation, the key issues, and the necessary actions, all within 2 minutes of either entering the room or logging onto the virtual space. This is just one of our innovative solutions designed to drive your business to success.

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    Collaboratively developing a fully-measurable, performance-led project delivery system that produces results.


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    Motivating everyone to find opportunities to improve and drive the project towards successful completion.


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    Developing detailed, visual performance frameworks that enable thorough analysis of any situation at a glance. Immediately identifying issues and implementing swift corrective actions.


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    Developing a healthy team dynamic that encourages performance-based dialogue and accelerates project development. Building a culture of continuous improvement.


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    Improving your customer service, satisfaction and retention by developing a Right First Time approach across your business.

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“I have no doubt that BBI Services' contribution here has delivered a significant benefit to the team and the project position overall.”

Bob Coe | Greenwich Peninsula, Project Director

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