What is process optimisation?

Process optimisation is about critically and constructively analysing all of a business’ processes, then determining areas that can be streamlined. It’s about making all processes, both internal and external, much quicker, more deployable, and more driven towards delivering quality.

That means minimising site time, improving manufacturing processes, and optimising the supply chain and any business process. End-to-end optimisation is a must for any construction business, as we look to dramatically reduce waste and increase profits across the industry.

Sustainable, continuous business improvement

Collaboratively evaluating and optimising your processes from top to bottom. We engage with your project early to create the conditions for success and deliver robust and high-performing, end-to-end process optimisation. The plan we follow aims to visualise, measure and improve any business process from back-office support to construction build and assembly. The method we follow is:

  • Set up and streamline – Performing an end-to-end diagnostic of your existing processes and designing new Lean processes as part of your tactical improvement plan.
  • Deploy and deliver – Deploying the Lean production solutions. Harnessing your existing skillset and setting you on the path to success.
  • Optimise and scale – Embedding right-first-time behaviours throughout your organisation. Establishing total process transparency and reducing costs at every step. This is what levels process optimisiation up to overall business optimisation.

Value Stream Analysis

We will provide an end-to-end process analysis to expose and eliminate potential issues. That means compressing lead time, fully utilising resources, optimising business technology, and minimising delays to the flow of materials and information.

Together, we will clearly define the current state of your business processes. From there, we can create a pathway towards your ideal future state. With BBI, you can implement a solid, streamlined plan of action and enter the cycle of continuous business improvement.


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    Challenging, optimising and standardising business processes to enhance simplicity and speed of delivery. Effectively analysing all core processes to ensure the greatest possible value is being provided to customers.


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    Reducing costs by eliminating waste, unnecessary intervention, and reworks. Determining the most cost-effective way to execute your construction programmes and equipping your team with the methods to get things Right First Time.


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    Enhance task readiness by deploying pit-stop thinking and principles. Getting the entire team on the same page, so everyone knows exactly what to do and when.


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    Reducing the need for high-risk reworks with processes that are designed to get things Right First Time. Enhancing your team's skills while protecting their wellbeing.


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    Defining the best way of working and making it common practice. Helping your team to unleash their potential and execute construction programmes to the best of their ability.


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    Reducing wasted energy, effort and your carbon footprint with highly effective and efficient processes. Minimising your construction programme's impact on the environment.

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“I have no doubt that BBI Services' contribution here has delivered a significant benefit to the team and the project position overall.”

Bob Coe | Greenwich Peninsula, Project Director

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