BBI Services is pleased to announce its feature in Collaborative Media’s upcoming programme discussing Sustainable Construction.

The UK construction industry is facing challenges such as high levels of rework and process waste, flatlining productivity and cost pressures. As a result, client’s needs are evolving with an increased focus on budgets, becoming more informed to set projects up for success, and being more sustainable.

At BBI, we aim to drive best practices in construction by collaborating with industry bodies, actively shaping, supporting, and accelerating the pace of change. For example, when driving sustainability targets effective team engagement is essential, utilising digital working practices like interactive whiteboards, streamlining processes and optimising resource utilisation, fostering a right-first-time culture.

BBI further supports organisations in achieving their sustainability targets by doing more with less. Recognising the industry’s limited and costly resources, emphasising the optimal utilisation of people, equipment, materials, and energy. The elimination of waste in both processes and packaging throughout the project lifecycle is pivotal to achieving sustainability goals, linking to developing a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Encouragingly, construction is already demonstrating positive changes, evident by some leadership teams embracing performance-driven attitudes. There’s also a growing understanding that improving performance drives sustainability, as a result of increasing productivity, driving quality, and eliminating waste. Clients, particularly infrastructure, are also becoming more informed and forward-thinking, recognising the importance of today’s training for future roles.

Embracing technology can also help to drive the industry forward, data-driven digital performance and short-range planning are essential in the future of our work. The undeniable impact of AI within construction should be embraced and utilised, not just adopting the technology but asking “How will it make me more productive and sustainable?” This proactive and challenging approach positions companies for success.

Like everything, more can be done within construction to meet the sustainability needs of both now and the future, a key element being the early engagement of procurement and design to help make informed decisions and set projects up for success.

“Sustainable Construction” will be broadcast on SKY Digital Channel 181 on Sunday 26th May at 10 AM and again on Wednesday 29th May at 6 PM.

BBI wanted to thank the Coventry Building Society Arena for its continued commitment to creating a ‘greener future’ and allowing us to film at the arena. Find out more about its sustainability achievements here: