The capability development framework combines best practice activities into a structured business improvement approach. It is aimed at developing the performance improvement skillsets, and most importantly mindsets of all roles and functions of the built environment.

This framework integrates throughout the whole project life cycle and engages with owners through to supervisors with a learn-by-doing approach. Using practical activities that build collaboration and teamwork, strengthened by the appropriate behaviours.

A key element of this framework is the engagement of leadership teams in inspiring ‘what great looks like’ and developing a strategic deployment plan that creates the environment for teams, individuals, and businesses to grow and succeed. This company-wide approach promotes investment in all teams, from site operators to c-suite, creating a common purpose with shared skillsets and mindsets.

The engagement and development of teams are essential for leveraging competitive advantage. Through your investment in our approach, we deliver a tangible return on investment by strategically aligning the programme with the organisation’s goals and objectives.

A brief overview of each element of the framework:

Inspire, support & drive: Leadership teams are key to ‘walk the talk’ and lead by example. Our Construction to Production’ masterclass in partnership with Toyota aligns with the Leadership Strategies and Systems Thinking Workshops.

This combination facilitates the leadership team’s understanding of ‘what great looks like,’ experiencing first-hand Toyota’s Production System (TPS) and how this translates to the built environment. The BBI team collaborate with leaders in developing a structured improvement plan, ensuring that goals and priorities are clearly defined, with a structured roll-out plan within all teams. Our ongoing support can include leadership development and coaching opportunities.

Lead & deploy: As a globally recognised qualification-based programme, the improvement practitioner programme is delivered utilising specialist facilitation and practical simulations. It aims to develop individuals to lead and deploy improvement projects in their workplace. As part of the programme, the participants all deliver an improvement project, supported by coaching, from the BBI team to achieve their qualifications. Previous programmes have developed a significant return on investment, fuelling continuous improvement and innovation.

Facilitate & Run: The foundation tools are a practical mechanism for widely engaging and embedding awareness and appreciation of the foundation skillset required for business improvement.

Engage: Widespread engagement in productivity improvement is key to accelerating construction performance. Our productivity improvement workshop is a half-day, practical event which highlights the compelling need for change in businesses and the construction industry. The workshop demonstrates the factors that impact construction productivity, how to measure it and uncover primary levers for quick wins and achieving successful productivity gains. This module is also funded via the CITB grant if you are a levy payer.

Awareness & Alignment:The process of widely engaging team members in knowledge development can be promoted through specific workshops, lunch n’ learn programmes and communication channels, creating shared knowledge and language.

It is key to link capability to the strategic needs of businesses or organisations, as this enables leaders to focus on the active engagement of teams, solving key issues and demonstrating ROI, or business impacts. The framework is designed for any organisation within construction, clients, alliances, main contractors, supply chains and JVs. It is structured to drive improvements in large organisations with thousands of employees, through to SMEs. The framework can also be used as a supply chain development mechanism, whether this is a combination of suppliers or a strategically selected cohort.

What are the benefits of implementing the model?

o  Significant Return on Investment (ROI) of time and expenditure.

o  Business or project delivery performance improvements – profit, value for money, milestones achieved, improved productivity, quality/right first time.

o  People engaged in collaboration and teamwork.

o  Leadership teams driving change, creating the conditions for success, with the underpinning behaviours embedded.

o  A continuous improvement culture integrated with the mindset to challenge and the skillset to drive, adopt and embed change.

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