The new appointment of Mark Worrall to chair the Employer Board of 16-18-year-old digital construction curriculum for the City of Glasgow College.

Mark Worrall, CEO of BBI Services, is pleased to be invited to take on the role of the chair of the digital construction employer advisory board, at the City of Glasgow College, in partnership with the Careers College Trust. Mark has been a valued member of the board since its inception in April 2020 and has supported the implementation of digital construction within the college and on a national basis. The project aims to embed crucial digital skills into the construction curriculum taught at FE colleges and ensure new entrants to the construction industry have the skills that employers need.

We are delighted with the progress that has been achieved over the past couple of years in developing the 16-18-year-old digital construction curriculum and delivery. Despite the impact of Covid-19, over 150 employers have contributed to the development of the framework and members of the City of Glasgow board have supported teacher upskilling and delivered workshops and webinars for students. The project has provided over 300 young people with the digital skills they need to support their careers in the construction industry.

Mark will be chairing the board as we continue to move into the next phases of the development plan, with The City of Glasgow College and the other employer boards across the country.

A huge thank you to Beverly Jones and Andy Pollock along with the other employer on the board, for their continued focus and commitment.

Bev Jones, CEO of the Career Colleges Trust said “Mark has been an integral part of the employer board since we launched the project in April 2020 and his contribution to the framework development has been extremely valuable. Mark brings a different perspective to the board which we find very useful, in this project it is critical to ensure that all aspects of the industry are represented and have an opportunity to shape the construction curriculum to ensure it meets employer needs. Mark has been a great support to me personally, making introductions to organisations within the sector that are keen to influence what is being taught and to get directly involved in ensuring young people learn about digital tools and the pace of change.

I very much look forward to working with Mark over the next year to implement digital badges to recognise the achievement of teacher CPD and student achievement of the digital framework. Our aim is to continue to grow the number of colleges and employers involved in the project across the UK.

Andy Pollock, Associate Dean of Built Environment at City of Glasgow College

“We are absolutely delighted Mark Worrall has agreed to take up the position of chair of our employer board. As a founding member, Mark has been an active contributor to our developments and agendas throughout; enhancing the knowledge of the group with his consultancy expertise and bringing alternative perspectives to the table.

I would also like to thank Mike King, from Robertson Construction for his leadership of the board over the last year and look forward to Mark’s direction over the next twelve months”.