A new productivity improvement training module for construction companies has already supported over 150 business leaders in identifying where they can best make productivity-enhancing changes.

Working in conjunction with the Construction Productivity Taskforce, construction sector business improvement specialists, BBI Services, have developed the training programme for any client, contractor, and supplier within construction, targeted at leaders, directors, and managers.

The workshop raises awareness of the need to increase productivity and demonstrates practical ways to make this happen across the construction sector, all while inspiring attendees to seek out further opportunities to increase their skillset and make a difference, swiftly.

Mark Worrall, CEO of BBI Services, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Taskforce. We see this approach as an excellent mechanism to drive this challenge forward and accelerate raising the performance bar.”

“The new productivity improvement module is delivered engagingly, remotely and online by the specialist BBI Services team and expert facilitators. By utilising a collaborative digital platform, the programme can successfully reach the whole of the UK and across sectors and supply chains very cost effectively.”

Early feedback from programme attendees is positive. One participant noted: “It was a good reminder of how and why we should be striving to increase the momentum towards improved productivity.”

The compelling need to improve productivity in the construction industry is clear. In the last 22 years, the sector’s productivity performance lagged behind an already beleaguered UK figure, recording an improvement record of just 12%, compared to the economy’s overall 53% improvement.

Another attendee added that: “The programme highlighted areas where productivity needs to be improved [within my business] and the strategies needed to improve this.”

For others, the programme led them to take the first step towards greater productivity, with one participant saying: “[This programme] has given me the confidence to start on the journey of business improvement.”

The programme is also designed to focus on areas to identify and remove waste, helping companies to tackle cost inflation and further contributing towards achieving their sustainability goals, with one attendee commenting: “It opened my eyes to areas where I can improve productivity on my sites and ways to reduce waste.”

Identifying the correct tools and technology, as well as the principles behind improving productivity, were also noted as benefits of attending the programme.

Anthony Impey, CEO of Be the Business, commented: “Upskilling is a key ingredient of greater productivity, so this training programme plays an essential role in promoting the diffusion of knowledge across the construction industry. Research by Be the Business, has demonstrated the role managers have to play in promoting greater productivity throughout their teams, which is why this particular programme has been developed with these roles in mind.”

Nigel Webb, Head of Development at British Land and Chair of the Construction Productivity Taskforce, said: “While the construction industry is not unique in attempting to improve its productivity record, rising energy prices, input costs, and skills shortages bring a real sense of urgency. These challenges impact every element of the construction process, from client to contractor to supplier, which is why this training programme has been developed to increase productivity at every stage, from first drawing to last brick.”

Booking for the programme is available via this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/construction-productivity-improvement-workshop-937619?utm-campaign=social&utm-content=creatorshare&utm-medium=discovery&utm-term=odclsxcollection&utm-source=cp&aff=escb

Organisations can also use their CITB grant to partially fund the module.

Or for more information on the productivity improvement awareness module, please visit our Productivity Improvement page.