Effective leaders equally engage with their teams, in the task, and with individuals. This creates the right working environment to drive personal, team and organisational performance.

Our bespoke Productive Leader Programme equips senior leaders within the construction sector with the skillset, toolset and mindset to develop a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, helping to deliver profitable growth.

The primary objectives of our Productive Leader Programme are:

Enhancing personal productivity, utilising practical tools and techniques to effectively time manage, prioritise tasks, and optimise personal productivity.

Improving team performance, implementing the strategies and methodologies to facilitate efficient teamwork, effective communication and streamlined processes.

Developing effective leadership behaviours, with traits that promote accountability, resilience, adaptability, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Boosting team engagement and morale, with insights and techniques to create a positive work environment and foster a sense of ownership and commitment among team members.

Improving performance reviews and coaching skills, with the skills necessary to set actionable goals, provide constructive feedback, and implement coaching techniques for enhanced team performance.

The outcomes?

Senior leaders apply the strategies and behaviours to lead their teams more effectively, developing a culture of innovation, and continuous improvement resulting in improved operational efficiency and productivity.

As part of the overall Productive Series, this programme aims to create a lasting impact on the productivity, effectiveness, and culture of construction organisations, ultimately leading to improved performance and profitable growth.

The target audience for this programme is senior leaders, executives, and managers who hold influential positions within organisations. These individuals play pivotal roles in decision-making, managing teams, and driving organisational strategies.

Programme focus areas:

✅Process improvement ✅ Team & organisational dynamics ✅Driving behavioural change ✅Implementing best practices ✅Time management & productive meetings ✅Problem solving & decision making

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