At BBI, we believe in whole organisation development and whole project lifecycle transformation where Lean thinking is fundamental and rigorously applied. In contrast, the term ‘’Lean Construction’’ is broadly used to define a narrow and limited application.

So, our goal is impactful change and tangible improvement of business performance through the application of Lean Thinking to every process, engaging every person and driving a performance-led culture of continuous improvement. We help and support construction businesses to become Lean Organisations, as opposed to just doing Lean things.

An end to end systems approach

Taking Lean Construction to another level, our approach includes:

  • Using our organisation development model to set your teams up for success
  • Applying Structured DFMA / Design delivery solutions to optimise client value and design delivery
  • Supply chain development and improvement to ensure quality, productive and robust manufacturing and supply systems, along with innovation and collaborative working
  • Establishing Efficient and Effective Modular Manufacturing solutions, with a structured approach to onsite, nearsite and offsite options
  • Optimising robust logistics management and control solutions, for reliable ‘’Just in time’’ supply to point of use, strategic stock allocation and reduced working capital
  • Developing assembly and commissioning processes, streamlined for highly productive programme delivery optimisation
  • Achieve Right First Time Quality in every process, whether that’s design, manufacturing, logistics, through to building the product and handing over

Value Streams Perspective and Process Improvement

We put the Lean Principles into Practice, applying them to all construction, supply chain manufacturing and business support processes.

Having a Value Stream end to end focus we will work with teams to define the current state, challenge to develop a future state and build a prioritised improvement plan that engages teams to deliver impactful change.

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True Lean Organisation

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    A true lean organisation will have a clear strategic focus and cohesion through structured deployment, with every level aligned to how they are delivering and contributing to success.

People Development

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    Building high performance individual and team capability to drive business performance

Process Improvement

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    Continuously optimising processes to deliver value and rigorously eliminate waste

Performance Culture

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    Embed a performance-led culture, with a safe, collaborative, open and challenge friendly environment.

Continuous Improvement

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    Inspiring everyone and striving to improve on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

The business goals will be clearly articulated through our Strategy Deployment methods and include:

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    Increased value to the client, return on investment and objective achievement

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    Increased profitability through streamlined Right First Time processes

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    Enhanced capability for sustained, repeatable and replicable performance gains

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    Improved productivity, quality and reduced costs

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BBI Services are dedicated to helping your business run as efficiently and effectively as possible. We’ll identify your unique needs, then we’ll work collaboratively with you to implement a strategy for perpetual improvement. Let’s equip your workforce with the skillset, the toolset, and the mindset to succeed.

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